Paper and Pen Info

Paper Info: Planner stickers are currently printed on two types of paper options. You may select from a permanent (non-removable) white glossy sticker paper or a removable matte printed with brilliant laser color toner. Stickers are kiss-cut and ready to peal and sick.

For pen use: I have not tried all the pens so please email if you find some that you love. Below is a list of what I have found work best. I am not affiliated for these links; they are just recommendations. Pen options for removable matte with laser color will be added in the future, although most pens work great.

Pen Options for White Glossy Paper
Sharpie Pens (ultra fine, fine, retractable) I use these a lot.
Pilot G2
Zebra Mildliners
Muji .38 
PaperMate InkJoy Gels
PaperMate InkJoy 300 RT 
PaperMate Flair
Pentel Energel
Pentel Brush
Sakura Micron
Prismacolor markers  - you can color with no drying time (AMAZINGLY FUN)!

(Staetler Gels do NOT write well on glossy paper.)

Muji .38

Sharpie Pens

Zebra Mildliners
PaperMate Flair